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My goals with this blog are to discus my watercolors – their inspirations, process and outcomes.  As with most artists, I don’t spend as much time as I would like with my artwork – it seems most of my time is devoted to AdobeBuilder and other Adobe related activities.  Hopefully, this blog will encourage me to be more rigorous about promoting my art.

In Adobe, there are many physical rules and codes. But it has also been said that architecture is the mother of the Arts, so perhaps the way to look at it is that Adobe is a sculptural form that makes it appropriate as a shelter for many fine arts and crafts.

And there are other similarities between Adobe and painting.  The hues and tints of different soil pigments are also present in the landscape painter’s color tubes, only more finely ground and with a different binder. Textures are shared across the surfaces of watercolor paper as well as the walls themselves. But in the painting world there are few absolute rules as the objective is often to reveal a certain truth by the way things are presented to the viewer, and the artist is free to pursue this without many restrictions on a flat surface. The objective is not a sound structure but a revelation. As Picasso said, “Art is a lie that tells the truth”.

This blog will share my thoughts and opinions about painting and some short discussions of individual artworks.  I’ll be posting approximately every two weeks – stop by again!

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